1. That picture reminds me of a creek that I used to wade in and try to catch salamanders when I was a young child! Thanks for the memory!

  2. I see you made the shutter speed very low so the water looks much softer. Very nice.

  3. Angihoh

    Thats so marvelous. Looks a bit like a scene in the movie “The Patriot” from Mel Gibson.

  4. Beautiful and serene. I love how the water looks so soft and the moss on the rocks is stunning.

  5. I love the colors in this photograph. At first I was thinking that the peachy color behind the trees was sky, and that the photograph was taken during the “Golden Hour” but when I clicked on it to comment on it I realized that the colors are from leaves, and they are on a hillside. Regardless, these colors of the green and the peachy color are not something that I see every day and they are both soothing and stimulating at the same time. Wonderful photo!

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