Azure Window (Malta-Gozo)

The Azure Window (Maltese: Tieqa Żerqa) is a natural arch in the Maltese island of Gozo featuring a table-like rock over the sea. It is situated near two other famous natural landmarks – the Inland Sea, and Dwejra Bay. The stunning geography of the area was created thousands of years ago when two limestone caves collapsed. This and the nearby Blue Hole and Inland sea are popular scuba diving sites.


Fotka “Azurového okna” z dovolené na Maltě 🙂

Aperture: ƒ/7.1 ● Camera: X10 ● Focal length: 7.1mm ● ISO: 100 ● Shutter speed: 1/800s ●


  1. This is a good example of what we call “Picture Perfect” the photo that belongs on a postcard with the words “Wish You Were Here!” written across it. Pretty amazing work.
    Allison English

  2. That is gorgeous. I would love to be able to visit places like that. I cannot imagine what the diving must be like right there. Has to be fantasic!

  3. Marek you sure do know the “Beauty Buzz” (HA!)… the multifaceted of blue(s) such a gem… absolute stunner piece of work!

  4. This photo is amazingly beautiful! I just want to be there. I am becoming a fan of your work.

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