Common Wood Sorrel / Šťavel kyselý

I’m exploring SuperMacro function on  Fujifilm X10. This flower is called Common wood sorrel, more info:

Objevuju funkci SuperMacro s X10. Na fotce Šťavel kyselý, více informací:Šťavel_kyselý

Aperture: ƒ/4.5 ● Camera: X10 ● Focal length: 7.1mm ● ISO: 100 ● Shutter speed: 1/680s ●


  1. I love how you’ve captured the sun right behind this little flower. It’s lovely.

  2. Pretty photo – love the background blur and soft colors.

  3. Liking very much the framing work plus that sheer light infusion… pretty magical, a lovely depiction!
    Hey Marek hope life been treating you well (HA!) it has been awhile since my last visit and it’s good to see your work again… keep shining, many cheers/ Ivy

  4. I really like pictures of nature and the world around us. Very good photography. You have a really good eye.

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