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  • Olivier Jules

    wonderful capture!!!

  • photos

    Excellent landscape ! Nice view …

  • Cheryl

    Excellent! I Love the little town surruonded by hills!

  • Ilan

    Sitting in front of my computer, in this hot and noisy city, sometime you forget that places like this exist.
    Amazing scenery.

  • Jack

    Very impressive, my family is from this region and I have always wanted to go there, maybe someday.

  • Cheryl Beckham

    Breath taking, simply breath taking!

  • Lindsay

    Lovely view – what was your vantage point? There’s no shadow. so it’s a mystery to me.

  • mike

    Beautiful scenery.

  • Jerry

    I love the mountains! Always make me feel so peaceful.

  • LwS

    Wonderful scenery. Wonderful.

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