Bubbles / Bubliny

8 Responses to “Bubbles / Bubliny”

  1. atep says:

    Velká paráda!

  2. Michele says:

    Oh boy, what a pic! A winner for sure!Perfect and I love it!

  3. Maria says:

    What a phenomenal picture! I love the way the light and shadow contrasts are picked up. Truly amazing!

  4. Danny says:

    A really fantastic photo, voted for you in this challenge! :)

  5. Cari says:

    I can imagine this picture being on greeting cards or hung up on a wall for a children’s science museum. Amazing shot.

  6. andreea says:

    Wonderful capture!

  7. Nancy says:

    Great shot! love your photos!

  8. Ivy Tavia C. says:

    Gorgeously shot Marek! Very well depicted the “Mood & Mode” flair… such a visual treat.

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