I began with taking pictures in the year 1996, when I had bought the old analogue camera zenit TTL. In may 2003, I made first version of 360degreez.net where I placed some of my pictures. After one year I created a photoblog cohesioned with 360degreez. I released new version based on php in winter 2005. I‘m using WordPress since 2012…

Pentax K-5
Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 HSM Contemporary

Fujifilm X10

Canon 350D
Canon 40D
Canon 50 1.8 I
Sigma 17-70
Canon 18-55
Canon 28-108 USM
Tokina 19-35

Prints and images
If you‘d like to purchase a print or digital image, please email me.
If you are interested in having printed pictures or digital files, please email me.


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